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What is the recommended duration for each ice bath session?

For optimal health benefits, it is advised to immerse yourself in cold water below 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) for a duration of three to eight minutes. Cold water therapy is most effective when the right balance of time and temperature is achieved. Keep in mind that individual tolerance levels vary, and certain individuals may be comfortable with lower temperatures. Always listen to your body and adjust the session duration and temperature according to your personal comfort level and preferences.

What is the suggested amount of ice to add?

For each session, we recommend adding 12-24 lb of ice to the Ice bath. The precise amount of ice required depends on your tap water temperature and your preference for coldness. In colder climates, adding ice might not be necessary at all.

Due to the pod’s insulation, it can maintain cold water for several days, potentially reducing the need for additional ice after the initial use. Enjoy the convenience of sustained coldness and adjust the ice quantity accordingly after your first experience.

What is the process for draining the Ice bath?

To drain the Ice Pod, utilize the tap located at the bottom of the unit. You have two options: either connect a standard garden hose to the tap or directly open the tap, depending on the setup of your Ice Pod. It’s a simple and convenient way to empty the water and prepare for your next cold water therapy session.

How frequently should I clean or empty The Ice Bath?

To maintain clean water for extended periods, we suggest adding one 1 lb of sea salt When using salt, the water can remain in the pod for three to four weeks.

If you opt not to use any salt, we recommend cleaning the pod after every three to five ice bath sessions. Regular cleaning ensures optimal hygiene and enhances your cold water therapy experience.